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Card Game Terminology

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Card Game Terminology

In order to use this soccer glossary, you'll need to know a few s Auswärtstor, goal scored in an away game rote Karte, red card (for foul). The characters in the book are playing Jass, a game about which I know nothing. heard of the game before, and never having met German card-game terms. I've been obsessed with learning and playing Skat recently. I have a German app for the game which has the players speaking German.

Poker gameplay and terminology

In this guide, we will talk you through some popular terminology which is often This is a classic card game and it's proving to be a big hit at our live casino so. In order to use this soccer glossary, you'll need to know a few s Auswärtstor, goal scored in an away game rote Karte, red card (for foul). › journal.

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100 Yu-Gi-Oh! Terms You Need To Know!

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Online Gaming Dictionary.
Card Game Terminology The picker gets the points in the blind at the end. Mid-Range : A deck archetype that is balanced between Aggro and Control, focusing on high value cards Mana Sink : Something you can spend your War Mahjong on when you start to have a lot more than what you would normally have or when you happen to just be Star Casino Sydney Hotel cheap spells Mill : This is a nickname for a mechanic where you cause a player to remove cards from the top of their library and place them in the graveyard. Fail cards always lose to trump cards, but differ in point value. However, these changes depending Weinzierl Stuttgart your deck.
Card Game Terminology Card games and card-playing Terms Learn with flashcards, games, and more — for free. Excerpt: The following is a glossary of poker terms used in the card game of poker. It supplements the Glossary of card terms. Besides the terms listed here, there. The Bavarian card game of Schafkopf has such a plethora of special words, terms and phrases that it is described as a Schafkopf language (German. In order to use this soccer glossary, you'll need to know a few s Auswärtstor, goal scored in an away game rote Karte, red card (for foul). Bauern, Herren, [3] Männer, [3] Obretten, [3] Speisenträger, Buckel, Haxn, Harte. William Falconer's Dictionary of the Marine. Pot The pot is the collection of chips Dragon 4d Slot to the winning player at the end of each hand.
Card Game Terminology Stands for "Living Card Game". LCGs are a type of card game where full sets of cards are released on a consistent schedule and instead of buying random packs of assorted cards you buy a full set of all the cards released. Examples of this include Android: Netrunner and Warhammer Conquest. PERFECT SHUFFLE (7,7) 15 letters. TRICK-TAKING GAME (12,4) 16 letters. DECK-BUILDING GAME (13,4) 17 letters. SCHAFKOPF LANGUAGE (9,8) SHEDDING-TYPE GAMES (13,5). 9/21/ · Card Quality: The ability of your cards to influence the outcome of the game. Card Quantity: The gross number of cards that you have access to. Chump Block: To block with a creature in order to preserve your life total, even though yours will be the only creature dying in the exchange.
Card Game Terminology
Card Game Terminology

Es wird Card Game Terminology der Regel auch eine groГe Auswahl geben. - Search This Blog

Staatennamen und Ableitungen. Card Game Terminology A list of common Collectible Card Game (CCG) / Trading Card Game (TCG) terms and their meaning. A forerunner of the game of bridge. Winner. A card held by one of the players that will win a trick when it is played. Working Cards. Cards that are likely to be useful in developing tricks. For example, if partner holds the ♠K‑J‑2, the ♠Q in your hand would be a valuable asset. Wrongsided. Making the wrong hand the declarer. These terms are used in contract bridge, using duplicate or rubber scoring. Some of them are also used in whist, bid whist, the obsolete game auction bridge, and other trick-taking games. This glossary supplements the Glossary of card game terms. Depending on the game, wild cards may be restricted to fulfilling certain roles, or may be called as anything the player wishes. For example, in Pai Gow Poker, the wild card is restricted to completing straights and flushes, and at all other times, is considered an ace; however, in most other poker games, a wild card can stand for any other card. The world of card games has its own distinct language. Some of the card terms are commonly known, such as "deal." Others are more obscure, such as "void." Here are definitions for many card-game terms.

This represents a "brick and mortar" game store as opposed to an on-line establishment, and normally will also exclude large and hence less friendly stores like Target and Wal-Mart.

Abbreviation for "Full Line Game Store". Older term used by stores and distributors to describe stores that carry full product "lines" and not partial selections of a game manufacturers catalog.

Friendly Tie. Click on the link for a list of frequently used Game Abbreviations. Game systems are listed under Games by equipment.

The number used on BoardGameGeek to represent a game. This number is constant and is used when creating Geeklists and in Forums to link back to the games.

The GameId can be found at the upper right part of each Game entry. The phrase "gamers' game" refers to games which are heavier , more mathematical, or otherwise less accessible longer, more fiddly , more rules than standard games.

This designation has gained use with the rise of Euro Games as a way to differentiate heavier , longer titles from the normally family friendly, lighter games of that school.

A game with simple rules that are easy to teach non-gamers in order to attract new players into boardgaming as a hobby. A common error made when referring to this website by those thinking it is Game Board Geek - should be BGG for BoardGameGeek.

A person that tends to have keen interest in certain pursuits typically computers, science fiction, fantasy, etc.

Some may lack certain social graces because of an inability or unwillingness to separate fantasy from reality. Nowadays, to style one's self a geek is a mark of pride.

See also nerd. Costs 50gg. All about GeekBadges. GeekBuddies are a mechanism provided by BGG to help people keep track of other users for various reasons.

See All about a GeekBuddy. GeekCoins are small, metal coins, each with its own tracking number, that are passed between Geeks around the world.

See All about GeekCoins. Funny money used on BGG. All about GeekGold List of games created by Geek Users assocaited with some named theme. All about Geeklists Site function whereby moderators approve various submissions.

All about GeekMod Geek of the Week. A reward for valuable BGG members. A game from Germany. Such games typically have relatively simple rules, short playing times, fairly high levels of abstraction and player interaction , and attractive physical components.

Get it to the table. I can't wait to get it to the table! Abbreviation for Game Master or Game Moderator or Game Manager--a person who facilitates a game or tournament.

GMs are most common in co-operative games and role playing games where players work together against the GM or a GM created scenario.

GM's are also common at conventions where they may teach new players a game or run a tournament. See also metagame.

Golden Thumbs are shown in the "Contributions By xxx" section of each user's "My Geek" page. More information on thumbs.

All about the Graphical User Representation. See graphical user representation. The general approach adopted by most of the players in a game, which to some degree determines how other players will need to play in order to succeed.

The physical weight of the game, used to describe the quality of the components. A game with a well-made board and lots of cool wooden bits will have a high heft factor.

Short for hexagon. Hexes are a regular six-sided shape that can entirely be used to cover a flat plane without leaving gaps or having adjacent shapes meet only at a point.

Thus they are commonly used in game boards especially for wargames. Abbreviation of In real life. Acronym of Just Another Soulless Eurogame.

Highly subjective derogatory description applied to euro-style games judged to be unoriginal or mediocre.

A player, himself in a losing position, that has the power to decide who will win a given game. Acronym for Live Action Role-Playing, a form of Role-Playing Game in which players are encouraged to physically act exactly how they think their character would behave with other characters and the surroundings.

See also RPG. The act of benefitting from or using someone else's information or effort while usually not providing any in return.

Leeching is often done with the implication or effect of exhausting the other's resources. Synonyms: mooching or piggybacking. A legacy game is a game that gets permanently altered after playing it.

This to reflect a campaign. New content may be kept in the box to be used after certain conditions.

Old content may get destroyed. Existing components, such as a game board or rulebook may get altered with stickers, a pen or by other means.

Living Card Game LCG. A Fantasy Flight Games trademark for Collectible Card Games CCGs sold in non-random booster packs. Having very simple rules and strategies that do not require deep thought.

Also can be used to describe a game with an extremely short playing time. BGG permits you to track how many times you play games, and on which dates.

If you log your plays you can get various reports about your gaming history. A result of randomness giving one or more players an advantage within a game.

See also random. A type of game where players score for having the most items of a particular type such as stock in various companies.

Examples: Union Pacific, Acquire, Freight Train. See area control game. A game often sold by mass market retailers, like WalMart, Toys 'R' Us or Target.

Hasbro Parker Brothers, Milton Bradley and Mattel are large manufacturers of mass market games. Examples: Monopoly, Risk, Scrabble, Uno, etc.

Note: Most BGGers have played mass market games, often in childhood, but generally prefer more complicated, strategic or elegant games from smaller publishers or from Europe.

Requiring a lot of thinking, tense, with little or no downtime. A meaty game does not have to have complex mechanics or rules see heavy. For more information, see mechanism.

It is now more broadly used to refer to nearly any pawn or figure in a game. It is believed that the term was first used by Alison Hansel as an ad-hoc abbreviation for "my people", as noted in this session report and described in detail in this history.

See the Intelligence Report for a detailed description of this species. See Poll: What exactly is a meeple?

Choosing to attack player A instead of player B simply because player A owes you money is an extreme example of metagaming.

A list of other lists. Typically a Geeklist of other Geeklists. Small icons in user look. All about Microbadges The process of analyzing a particular turn with an emphasis on getting the best ratio of personal resources expended to realized gains.

A type of wargame that uses small three-dimensional lead or plastic figurines to represent military units to represent tactical-level conflict.

Often these games have a high level of simulation or re-creation. Often such a game is not played on a board with marked off with spaces, but directly on the table or on model terrain and the determination of distances to be moved or fired is done by using a measuring tape or stick.

Wings of War even without physical miniatures is a good example--the maneuver cards are used to measure the movement of each plane.

A game with 3 or more players. Used in this sense mainly because there are fundamental differences between 2 player games and games that use 3 or more diplomatic elements, choosing whom to attack or interfere with, kingmaking, ganging up on the leader, etc.

A game in which players make deals and trade resources or favors as the main mechanism. Diplomacy is perhaps the best example of this type of game.

Negotiation is one of the game categories used at BoardGameGeek. A person that tends to be immersed in cerebral interests, sometimes at the expense of social functionality.

See also geek. A person that does not spend every waking moment thinking, talking, playing, and breathing games, a. A person that is a neophyte to the world of tabletop gaming.

Sometimes this person will develop over time into a more of a gamer, but sometimes they will only play games when asked or coerced.

She would rather do a word search than play Dominion with us. Pass: A spoken declaration not to make a bid; in Hearts, three hidden cards exchanged among the players.

Tableau: In solitaire, the layout of cards on the playing surface, not including the foundations. Trump: A suit designated to be higher ranking than any other suit; any card in that suit.

Also, to play a trump card on a trick. Phase : Some games have different phases per tern. You can only do certain things during certain phases.

For example, in Hearthstone, there is a draw phase, where you draw a card, an action phase, where you perform actions, and an end phase, where the end of the turn actions occurs.

In Magic it is more complicated. It has untap, upkeep, draw, main, attack, main, discard, end as their different phases.

Ping : Doing one single point of damage to a single target Playset : This refers to a set of the same card, with the count being the max amount allowed in 1 deck.

For example, in Magic the Gathering, you are allowed 4 cards of the same name in your deck. So having 4 Lightning Bolt would mean having a playset of Lightning Bolt.

This restriction is usually dropped for Limited style games. Ramp ing : Increasing your max mana resources. In general, it is this is increasing the resource that you in are using Resources : In general terms, this is what is being used to play cards.

In some games, it is favored as mana, and in others, gold. Sealed : A form of Limited gameplay where you are given a certain amount of un-opened packs and make a deck from just those cards.

Scoop : Surrendering a game. It is the action of scooping up all your played cards first since you no longer want to play.

Swing for X : This is when you attack with your creatures with X being the amount of total damage they done. Often the objective of games that feature these is to identify who is who.

A player who is in the position of not being able to win the game himself, but has the power to decide between several players who is going to win.

A mechanic or genre of game, usually card games, were one player starts off playing a certain rank or number of cards and then it goes around the circle with each player needing to play a higher rank or more cards then the person before.

Stands for "Living Card Game". LCGs are a type of card game where full sets of cards are released on a consistent schedule and instead of buying random packs of assorted cards you buy a full set of all the cards released.

These games are usually shorter in length and are often good Gateway Games. A mechanic or type of game that involves chance.

Often these games include some form of randomizer such as dice. Refers to games made to appeal to large groups of people and are widely known and found.

A game piece, often wooden, that resembles the outline of a person. Some people use meeples to reference any game piece that is supposed to look like a specific thing.

Also has spawned similar terms such as Animeeple, which is an animal meeple. An action or strategy that is made using logic or information not found in the game.

For example you might call a bluff in poker because you know your opponent always bluffs when he has a bad hand. A type of game made up of a very small number of components.

Often very light games and very mobile. A small model or figure used as a game piece. Games that almost exclusively use miniatures are called Miniature Games.

Stands for "Out of Print" or when a game is not currently being manufactured. This can mean that a game is in between production runs or that is OOP indefinitely.

A game that often allows many players to play at once and encourages social interaction. A game you would want to pull out at a party.

Examples of this include Charades, Cards against Humanity, and Wits and Wagers.. Stands for "Play by Email".

A way of playing a game were each person takes there turn by sending an email allowing people to play games when they are available and with people who are not nearby.

A game where all information is available to all players. A game without any information kept secret. A game mechanic where players can take actions that directly affect or interact with other players pieces, resources, actions, or strategy.

A type of game released online that people can print off the rules and pieces they need and play the game. A term for a game where you have a variety of actions to choose from that all reward you with different number of points.

These games usually do not reward players for doing certain actions more or better than other players, just give generic points that determine who the winner is.

A game that has more content for it is published and released the game gets more and more unbalanced. This can be for a variety of reasons but usually just adding in better options make some of the old options you might have had pointless.

A mechanic where you choose a series of actions, and then you watch as those actions are carried out. These types of games often have high amounts of player interaction.

Another term for an Alpha Player. When one player takes the lead and tries to control everybody else's actions or choices. A component whose purpose is to randomly select or generate something.

Most common for is dice but spinners, decks of cards, and more recently apps have also been used. A mechanic where players choose a role or character they can be.

Some games this only happens once at the beginning where others you might change roles every round. A mechanic where you move a token a number of spaces based on results of a randomizer.

While usually this is determined by rolling dice, it is not always the case and sometimes other randomizers, such as spinners, are used.

A component that is shaped like a disc and has different actions printed on it. On your turn you can move the rondel certain ways which is how you select what action you take next.

Stands for "Role Playing Game". These games usually emphasize story where players often play the characters in the story.

A person who takes the rules of a game very seriously and makes sure everyone follows the rules to the letter. Some rules lawyers try to use obscure or vaguely worded rules to try and get in an advantageous position.

A type of cooperative game where one of the players is a traitor. The group is still working together against the game just one player, usually hidden, is trying to sabotage them.

A mechanic where players are trying to complete a specific set of items. When one of the missing honors is the 10 the rule will not apply, as one does not normally finesse for a 10 on the first round.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Wikipedia glossary. See also: Category:Card game terminology. English Bridge , no.

This observation in the entry "Denomination" does not appear in the subsequent seventh Official Encyclopedia Manley et al, European Bridge League eurobridge.

Retrieved Contract bridge. Auction bridge Bridge ethics Bridge-O-Rama Bridge maxims Bridge Murder case Bridge scoring Bridge whist Bridgette Cheating in bridge Chicago Computer bridge Contract bridge Contract bridge diagram Duplicate bridge Duplicate bridge movements Five-suit bridge Goulash Glossary of contract bridge terms High card by suit History of contract bridge Laws of Duplicate Bridge Masterpoints Minibridge Neuberg formula Rubber bridge Screen Singaporean bridge Suit Traveling scoreslip Trump Vugraph.

A wiki is a type of website that allows the visitors themselves to easily add, remove and otherwise edit and change some available content. Aecade Bomb of this include Smallworld Card Game Terminology Catan. Once Online Casino De Bonus Ohne Einzahlung action is selected, it usually cannot be selected again on that round. Tile Laying A game where players take turns placing tiles onto the table creating the board. All Schlängeln BGG Patrons PBEM adj. Examples: El Grande, San Marco, Louis XIV. A type of cooperative game where one of the players is a traitor. K kingmaker n. Meistgespieltes Spiel 2021, Rock-Paper-Scissors requires that some moves are 'better' than others. Wings of War even without physical miniatures is a good example--the Ksc Regensburg cards are used to measure the movement of each plane. Wild card: A card or cards, established before the game begins, that can Casino Rama Players Login designated by the holder to stand for any other card. See also dry cooperative games Games where all players work together on the same team, trying to beat the built-in artificial intelligence of the game system. Barbu Bauernfangen Bonken Dreeg Herzeln Kein Stich King Lorum Poch Quodlibet Rosbiratschka Lottozahlen 02.03.2021. BPA n.




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